Making a complex brand more accessible - The Endor Labs Universe.

Endor Labs is a tech company that offers a dependency lifecycle management tool that facilitates the security and maintenance of Open Source Software. 

The brief was to build the brand identity from scratch, creating a strong visual personality that would not only resonate with the audience (developers and coders), but also visually explain their complex service in a way potential new investors can easily understand. 

The Endor Labs' brand universe is inspired by Star Wars. In fact, by a special place in the story - Endor, a green moon. The visual identity has a spacial and futuristic look and feel. A green planet-like circle is the main visual device that subtly hints to this reference.

We knew our audience loved geeky themes and comics and so, we created a brand mascot - ​​Dodo, inspired by Ewoks from Star Wars. Dodo’s friendly personality and magical world will become a key touchpoint for the brand in its future comic books and stories.

Having defined a strong brand identity and personality, we went ahead to apply this across the brand’s various platforms such as the website, social media posts, blog images, ads, stickers, banners, and presentation decks. What we have now is a unified brand identity that simplifies the business concept and resonates with its audience.

Creative Lead: Camila Chisini
Co-Creative Lead: Marcia Dellarosa
Brand Design, Illustration, and Graphics: Luisa Munoz
Web design: Francisco Dupont

Team Lead: Lilyana Zea
Creative Project Management: Yoly Desedas, Laura Pradilha, Tracey Mullings
Customer Success Management: Sivan Assouli

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