Art Director, Branding Specialist & Strategy passionate

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Co-funder of Captus, a typographic multidisciplinary project, which made my creative side grow away from the basic canvas. Currently developed with a new strategy, called #muymarsu.
Graphic designer by title. Yellow ambassador with a strong cinnamon addiction. As a challenge lover and design nerd, I have explored different areas from the outside of the design industries. Metrics, strategies, and guidelines, are just a couple of my hobbies in the industry. 
In the latest years, I had the honor of being part of extremely talented creative teams. Passionate with branding strategies and creative guidelines.
 During 2020 Q2, I'll be launching a new font project with Fontsmith
Nowadays working as an Art Director at and living remotely around the glove.

Special proyects and branded content for Nike, Birkenstock, Campari, Kintar, Sushiclub, Levis, AbInBev, Adidas, Moxy Hotels, Clara Ibarguren, Cid Kohan, Materia, Delaostia, Sweet, Empetua and Truekind.
Branding from their own creative department for Level 3, Glamit, Vix, Sportline and Forleden.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Typography wall - Pixelations, ARG
Breathing letters - TIPODD, ARG
Discover - Pixelations, ARG
Wall Letters - UCES, ARG
Letras dibujadas - Forma Gallery, ARG​​​​​​​
Development - Universidad del Salvador, ARG
Manifiesto Captus - UCES, ARG
Letras dibujadas -
Universidad del Salvador, ARg
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